I enjoy seeing you under My control. And I will level with you: I am NOT sensual, if I am not in the mood. I am, however, always in the mood to being sadistic, because, first and foremost, I am a Sadist.

I like using My hands when I play with you. You may not like how I will use My hands, but seeing the look on My face will comfort and soothe you into accepting it.

I enjoy placing My supplicants into bondage.. Mummification and predicament bondage, to be specific. If I have access to do cbt and nipple play, while you are bound away - even better. I believe that you should have something to focus on while you are indisposed, besides pleasing Me. I also enjoy playing nurse - the more intense and invasive I can be, the more fun I have (and possibly you, if you enjoy being a patient). Humiliation is something that I find can be quite entertaining and enjoyable - the more you can take, the more I will enjoy. And, hands above all, I enjoy corporal scenes. If I am able to use My favorite implements, including My whip, and leave your body as a testimate of how artistic I can be during said scene, the better fun we both will have.

Some comment that while I have a face of a gentle and beautiful woman, that I can be quite brutal, diabolical and trying on your body and your mind. Don't allow the fact that I model fool you to believe that I'm not cerebral nor Dominant, for you would be insulting Me and fooling yourself. During the first couple of seconds of meeting you, don't be surprised if I've already deduced how to humble you and place you in my control. Don't be surprised if I make you have an emotional break, and don't be surprised if I relish every moment of it...

I will make you work for rewards and treats - do not anticipate not working when you are before Me, because you will be wrong. Ask the boys that serve Me faithfully - they would not kid you. I also like playing games - making you focus on pleasing Me with your perseverance as you multi-task with whatever duties that I give you. I also don't like being disappointed, so do your best and maybe you will have a career in being one of My playthings.

My mantra: Domina Dante Posh's pleasure is my pain and my focus to serve Her to the best of my ability.

This mantra will take you far and long as long as you serve Me. Know who is in charge and never forget it.

Visit My website for more details about Me and how to arrange an appointment. Travel is available for sincere servants in the US and Abroad, also with advance notice.



since October 2007

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