She talks about herself as "an international model, grown in the art of domination": Fetishdea, former Lady Anastasia, considers fetish and domination over the other sex like a real passion and an authentic lifestyle. She adores to have men at her feet using refined arms of female seduction. A passion born when she was child, reading comics with blonde amazon that strongly impressed her for sensuality and female power...
With her job she lived close to a lot of women, so she found men were very attracted by female beauty and charm and soon she used them - having also a strong character - conquering a lot of slaves totally seduced by her cat's eyes, her velvet hairs, her wonderful rose mouth, her long legs..., but - first of all - but her way to get cerebral power, catching the slave's mind and chaining him with a mixture of sweetness and authority...
She loves classy lingerie, accurate make up, and sexy clothes, expecially leather and latex, spike heels, silky stockings, garter belts, polished nails, satin gloves...
Fetishdea likes to go to the best photo and movie sets of Europe in this field, and also to the main topic feasts, like famous "Nuit Demonia" in Paris. She was in tv shows as an expert of fetish culture and write screenplays of her OWK movies ("Other World Kingdom"), the wonderful hotel-castle in Czech Republic, where men are submissive and women command and where she became the only Italian Best World Mistresses. She thinks in Italy there are fewer and worse initiatives than in the rest of Europe, and there is a lot more to do, expecially to escape from that kind of provincialism that forbids her, for instance, to go freely to a restaurant holding her slave in leash...
She believes a lot of men, also very powerful in their professional life, need to invert their roles in private, and to submit themselves completely to the charme and domination of a sexy and enchanting woman. In her opinion, it's not a perversion, but an intriguing aspect of eroticism that, when isn't obsessive and extreme, is an healthy form of freedom of expression that needs great intelligence, complicity, mental opening and mutual trust.

Elegant cerebral domination i love to practice it:
CBT, Spanking, Caning, Nipple Torture, Flogging, Water Sports, Toilet Training, Roleplay, Spitting, Humiliation (Verbal), Humiliation (Public), Candle Play, Tickling, Sensory Deprivation, Wrestling (Competitive), Foot/Shoe Worship, Trampling, Hair Removal (Waxing/Shaving), Rubber-Cocooning, Branding, Blood Play, Cigarette Torture, Face Slapping, Ball Busting, Interrogation, Dildo/Strap-on Play, Dildo Training Infantalism, Smoking, Forced Feminization, Body Worship, Forced Interactive Sessions, Smothering, Cross Dressing, Rubber Slut Training, Rubber Dolls, Breath Control, gimps, Pain Sluts, Rubber Enclosure, Dominant Foot-, stocking/nylon-, and shoe-erotic Spanking with hand, whip, crop or cane, verbal domination, verbal degradation , Facesitting (also full weight) with breathcontrol, Bondage from soft to middle, Bondage at various levels Classic Domination, Classic Domination / Education from soft to hard, Enslavement of various kinds ... records to you at may Forum, you will be able to read and to interact with me.
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Il mio nome è Fetishdea, sono una modella fetish internazionale, formata nell'Arte della Dominazione.
La mia filosofia è di raggiungere, attraverso il bdsm, un erotismo raffinato ed elegante e uno stile di vita in cui l'esaltazione della Bellezza e della Femminilità sia celebrata e riconosciuta come un'Arte.
Se il tuo animo ti spinge ad adorare la Donna e a riconoscerne la sua Superiorità e il suo Potere, hai trovato in me una Signora elegante e una Regina di rara bellezza, dalle indiscusse capacità di Dominio.
Una Fata-Strega che ti affascinerà e ti toglierà il respiro!
Sono una domina italiana, amo:
sedute di dominazione, face sitting, trampling, trampling, latex, rubber ball, human forniture, pony boy, bondage, boxing, caning, CBY, face slapping, human footstool, military drill, whipping, smoking, torture, kicking, ball busting and face busting.









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