Mistress SaintLawrence

Mistress SaintLawrence


I am Ms. M well known " SaintLawrence" The Mother and Founder of ''ÄMYSTIQUE GROUP INTERNATIONAL'' The sisterhood of Mistresses from all over the world north-south -east- west and slaves subs Masters, who join forces to meet in one country as one family , exploring the lifestyle, spreading and sharing experiences, connecting , a bond that gets stronger .
We are family thus we stand for each other.I had been travelling a lot and found good friends Mistresses /slaves / subs and blessed with many true and real ones which I treasured , BUT sorry to those who are pretentious, fakes , users , manipulative shits and hypocrites who dont deserve to be called one so fuck o6 and drop dead loserElegant, Bossy, High Class, Demanding world traveller and sophisticated very saddistic and cruel Mistress,very experienced ,Harnessed in all field of BDSM.

I am a world class sophisticated, elegant, sensual, erotic, demanding and bossy . Who knows how to handle a pathetic sub and slave from the fetishes ,slightest to the extremest SM, sensual manipulative. A Goddess that slaves worship, hypnotic, synergy . The Mistress who knows what she wants that slaves do as what they are told to and follow .

Mistress SaintLawrence   Mistress SaintLawrence   Mistress SaintLawrence   Mistress SaintLawrence   Mistress SaintLawrence

I am well travelled all over globe exploring finding for a shit perfect tool (slave) and yet so passsionate and caring and blend altogether in order to enjoy every minute of the time spend together
I love to explore in every inch of slaves body , very sensual,erotic,one of a kind feeling very rare! I am The ALPHA and OMEGA, Your WILDEST DREAM and WORST NIGHTMARE...I really dont like talking a lot for sometimes words are too bullshit, I rather wanna meet up and see real and feel real, many full of shit here in networld so you dont know who are real and who are not. I am here , ME the chosen ONE.The Apha and the Omega for I believe FEMALE are the supreme and highest kind in this world and dont dare to just mess around and bullshit on me for I dont play games.. and there you will where you belong, into my stable , under myfeet licking and sucking it all, my boots cleaning every dirt on it for you are one shit pathetic slave thelowest form kind more than a worm crawling on the ground...
I will capture your soul, control your mind and abuse your body, use everything you have , YOu are mine slave .

I travel Internationally wherever you are , I prefer slave arranging my flight , hotels a luxurious getaway . You make an appointment and we will see how it goes.
My frequent travels are: Philippines / Thailand/ Hongkong/Malaysia/SIngapore/Taipei/Japan/Vietnam/ Dubai/Abudhabi/Switzerland/Germany/Spain/Italy/France/Romania/London/Poland/Norway/Belgium/Luxemborg and more to come.
If you want to arrange a travel email me with the details and be sure ! dont come cheap! I love luxuirous way of travel or else dont dare.

Mistress SaintLawrence   Mistress SaintLawrence   Mistress SaintLawrence   Mistress SaintLawrence   Mistress SaintLawrence

Dont be shy if you are a beginner everyone starts naive and innocent , I will teach you , I will guide you, I will mold you!

I am open for foto shooting and filming , if you want to apply email me .

My expertise? say and name it I am into it and i do from slightest to the extremest...only limits are: Children,animals and killing YOU... then everything goes...just too many to mention ....see for yourself and feel it yourself REAL thing. I dare you ! meet me now!

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