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Sublime Lady aMazon

Classic Lifestyle Mistress from the country of tulips, windmills and wooden shoes.

Strong believer in female dominance and the male need for female guidance.

Fond of slaves that want to serve her and slave for her. Slaves willing to put their hart and soul in making her smile. Who want to fulfill her every desire, whatever it might be, gratefully accepting what comes in return.

Player of games. Fond of ponyboytraining. Thrilled by the speed of racing. Devoted to the utter serenity and psychology of blindfolded drilling. Enjoying the playfull games with dogs. Love to perfect the service of slaves. Likes to play the mind and loves to put a rope or two on slaves. These are just some of the games She likes to play.

Skillfull in the use of many sorts of disciplinary equipment, like whips, paddles and canes. Adoring giving real good and intense handspankings. Ravished by the power and the sound of bullwhips. Sadistic and cruel when she feels like it. Not only with whips, but also with electricity and needles.

Loves to go on trips to the Other World Kingdom.

In August I will be visiting the United Kingdom. After a visit to London I will visit the great Whitehousedungeon in Wales. I will be available for sessions there from 24-27 th. of August. Check out the following links and and maybe we will meet!
As you all know She visited Sublime Lady Irene Boss's compound in the United States last November. She was in a frightening good mood......I can tell you that. In the beautiful setting of the Pennsylvania outback the two Ladies had a wonderful time. The playing with Lady aMazon's slaves resulted in the georgeous “not to miss” video “The Mark of aMazon”. First the two slaves were taken outdoors for some exciting canine and equestrian play. Slavedog alpha showed the world that he loves to be taken out by his Mistress and that She is his best pal. He is a good and cheerful obeyer but can get quite distracted sometimes by rabbits and horses for which he gets grounted. Slavehorse brynn is a strong and reliable horse. He just loves to take his Mistress for a ride. Any time any place. The ladies also liked to just have some fun with these two poor souls. So in the cool morning air they hoisted them up a tree and just gave them a well administered whipping. The cracks of the bullwhips echoed cristalclear between the hills. Hmm if I only think about the sound........As an after dinner treat the ladies thought it a nice idea to lock slave brynn up while he was forced to watch his budy being pierced all over. Was this guy just jealous or horrified? His turn was soon to come though. As slave brynn's balls got trapped in this exciting electric ballsqueezer, another far to curious watcher got his share of the fun too. The ladies just looked great in their beautifull outfitts and so many exciting activities......... But why is this video called “the Mark of aMazon”?
Because , because........ slave alpha was granted the honour to receive the Mark of Lady aMazon. In a spiritual outdoor ceremonie he received Her brand in utter devotion and to show the world he's Her property forever. He gets rewarded for that with.... yes you just have to have a look for yourself!

I am sure you will enjoy this one to the full extend because it comes straight from the hart. You can purchase this video as VHS (USD 69.95) or DVD (USD 79.95) and excludes USD 7.50 shipping. Just click the paypal button of your choice at the bottom of this page. You can also peek a view at some pictures from the video from there. And because She loves it, every purchase comes with a personal surprise of Lady aMazon.

If you might be interested in becoming one of my permanent slaves than I want you to read the following carefully. I am only interested in slaves who can meet the following standards.

  • Your Mistress comes first, at all times!
  • You treat and address your mistress courteously at all times. Be a gentleman.
  • You should be submissive and loving to serve. Being masochistic as well is a pre.
  • I want you to perform a little bit better than at the best of your abilities.
  • You are not allowed to have any intimate contact with other women. It is not permitted to start a relationship with another female without my permission. So you need to be single.
  • You have to be ready for me at all times. If I call you in, you have to come.
  • You need to be well groomed, shaven and clean. You have to be physically fit. Your body doesn’t have to be perfect but it needs to be well maintained.
  • You will have to take financially part in the maintaining of Me and my harem.
  • I do not want any slaves with the nasty habit of controlling the situation from the bottom.
  • You will never become my 24/7 slave.
  • I will call you in on a regular basis on different locations for different periods of time, alone or with other slaves.
If you think you can meet these standards you can e-mail me at for an application form. If you cannot meet these requirements than do not waste My time by e-mailing me.


since October 8, 2002