I give you a chance to escape your everyday life and let yourself be fascinated and revitalized by my divine eroticism! I am sophisticated, intelligent and have a taste for the bizarre and unusual, I enjoy D/S, S/M, discipline, role play and all fetishes. I don't hesitate to use the slaves for the most inferior tasks humble and punish them with no mercy! I love to wear leather, latex, corsets and nylons. I have a degree in counseling psychology and I believe I have the skills to provide containment, safety and to make sure that you will go back into the world the same or better than when you came to me.


I will dominate you with a smile, I'm a high level sadist and I get my satisfaction on a psychological level and in the psychological challenge of the subject. I am Mistress Luna playful princess; full of charm and allure, or dark diva of domination who can unleash your darkest desires... I will turn your fantasies into reality and take you to places you've only imagined in your wildest dreams.

Don't feel save because I look like a quiet woman with a tender smile! When you look into my eyes you will recognize that this is only the surface hiding my real nature. Torturing you lustfully, causing pain to you, using you as my personal toy - this all is my real nature! You are going to do what I want you to do and your only purpose is to please me! It's naturally way, it's write in stars: man are made to serve woman, man are happy deeply in mint and soul when they can please a woman!! Take your chance, being naked in your knees at My feet, the right place for you, the only place where you will feel useful and happy!!

My slave most be: educated, creative, imaginative, submissive, but not to the point of loosing his individuality! Also, loyalty is enormously important to me, I love above all to make a true personal connection! My studio is located in good area of Bucharest, have two play-rooms fully equipped and can host overnight extended session (which I recommend from my experience!). I have no time to waste on fakes!! Don't insult my intelligence, I know all the types!! I have a lot experience behind me.......... I don't have too much patience and I don't want to waste my time on lies or liars!!!
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