Attention! UK & European slaves

Prepare to Be Owned and Operated


I've arrived. I'm here, and ready for some serious white boy action. It's my intention to chain You to my black ass for life. Not physically mind you. Who wants to carry around a lot of dead weight? But, mentally you'll be mine, body and soul.

Now, I'm close enough to reach out and touch all slaves in the United Kingdom and Europe. The cue starts with you, 'ya little crack sniffer! Imagine being chained back there... 4-life!


If you're going to play my game, you're going to play it right. If you beg to SERVE ME, it better be because you've realized your need for a Strong Black Power Experience! I don't pretend to be soft, or easy. Strict comes to mind though, as I'm completely set in my ways.

Because of that I believe I'm going to have a difficult time breaking you seemingly dominant boys in. No worries however, I'm as determined to bring you down, as You, will be to build me up!


I am not going to bother giving you a long list of things I will do to you whilst I'm in the mood. Actually, there will be little discussion about it. If you're not keen on following my scheme, just don't contact me.

Personally, I LOVE highly qualified white ass-kissing wimps. Confused? You're the ones who make the best Queening cushions, end up being my most dutiful shit-eating slugs. You usually make the most willing strap-on bitch boys, and oh yes, the most generous financial moneypigs.


You're the ones who long to be cock teased and tormented, bound and gagged, toilet-trained, and humiliated. You hard boys are easily smitten by a Black Domme. You want HER to break you, over and over again. You love to be laughed out, especially while begging for mercy, which ain't about to come in your lifetime.

You dirty boys need a good soapy bag of water, or a stiff cane, a huge Black dildo, or a dark slender toe, or spikey boot in your face.


I've always said: "The Blacker the Berry, The Sweeter the Abuse!" I believe this, but won't chase you down trying to sell you on the idea. You'll come crawlin' to me.

So...when and only if you're ready to experience a true Black Dominant, contact me. Respect me, and above all Worship and Adore me.

Both Domestic and Dungeon Facilities Available

Scheduled Appointments Only!

077 1767 5594
International - 011 44 77 1767 5594

since November 27, 2003