Who does the Civil Court serve?
The Civil Court of the Other World Kingdom has been set up to serve the needs of dominant women from all over the world, who do not have to be Citizens of the OWK, but welcome the existence of an independent legal institution, the mission of which is to try husbands, slaves and other male creatures who have in any way committed an offence against their Owner.

These include especially a breach of a slave contract, non-fulfillment of duties, repeated disrespect, laziness, negligence during work, neglect of Owner, lying, non-payment of mandatory gifts and other charges, infidelity, insufficient loyalty and devotion, etc.

It is obvious that most of these offences and crimes are solved by each Owner within the range of her own educational measures concerning her husband or slave. However, should these fail, prove inefficient, or should the Lady have an interest in giving the punishment of her slave an official or public air, or should she wish that the crime be judged by independent, rigid and impartial institution, she can always turn to the Civil Court of the Other World Kingdom.

All male creatures which have committed any offence or crime against Women and now feel remorse and want to be "cleaned", can also voluntarily turn to this court.

The Civil Court of the Other World Kingdom is a totally independent legal institution, based on the principle of total female dominance over male creatures. The verdicts of this court are hard and just, and all parties have the right to express their opinions in front of the court.

How does the Civil Court at the Other World Kingdom work?
Court procedure:
  1. The accusing Lady sends by post to the address of the Civil Court or gives personally to the Lady Judge at the OWK at least one day before the trial a written accusation of the slave or the male creature, containing the description of his offence or crime.
  2. Male creatures can also apply for conviction, accusing themselves of crimes committed against any Woman.
  3. The accused creature must report to the Court at the OWK at least 3 hours before the beginning of the trial.
  4. Before being produced at the court, the accused is locked in a cell in the dungeons of the Queen's Palace at the Other World Kingdom.
  5. Lady Judge judges the male creatures alone, without the presence of a jury.
  6. The sentence, the extent of punishment and the execution method are in direct proportion to the seriousness of the offence or crime committed.
  7. If the Owner of the sentenced male creature is present in the court room, the condemned has the right to ask her for mercy. The owner can then grant partial or full mercy. If the owner is not present, the condemned can ask the Queen of the OWK for mercy.
  8. Sentences are performed within 24 hours. The condemned is locked in a cell in the dungeons of the Queen's Palace at the Other World Kingdom until the time of public punishment.
  9. After the performance of the sentence, the male creature is released and receives a written sentence together with the confirmation of the performance of the punishment.
Court Protocol:
  1. The accused male creatures are admitted in the reception room of the Office of the Highest Dame of the OWK in the Queen's Palace. All their personal possessions and clothing are taken away from them. Then, totally naked, they are locked into iron shackles and taken into a cell in the underground prison at the Palace.
  2. The Civil Court sits in the Throne Hall of the Queen's Palace. A detailed list of all trials is published on the entrance door to the Palace an hour before the beginning of a session.
  3. All people present in the court room must take their seats at least 5 minutes before the session starts. No persons will be admitted to the room after the beginning of the session until the next break.
  4. It is solely the choice of Lady Judge when to make breaks between the individual trials.
  5. The accused are brought into the court room by uniformed members of the Queen's Guard.
  6. The accused is naked, and is tied and kneeling in front of the table of the Lady Judge during trial.
  7. The accused is obliged to remain silent during trial, unless having been asked to speak by the Lady Judge.
  8. After the judgement has been pronounced, the accused is obliged to thank the Lady Judge humbly for it. If he does not do so, the sentence is automatically doubled.
  9. After the convict has thanked for the sentence, Lady Judge asks the convict whether he would like to plead for mercy. If he wishes to do so, he must do so immediately.
  10. The convict is then taken by a member of the Queen's Guard back to his cell, where he stays until the execution of the punishment, unless specified otherwise by Lady Judge.
  11. The punishment is executed by the members of the Queen's Guard. Lady Judge has the right to enable the execution of the punishment to be performed by a volunteer from among the spectators. It the accusing party is present and applies for the execution of punishment (and the form of punishment enables it), Lady Judge will appoint the accusing party to perform the punishment.
Behaviour of spectators in the court room:
  1. When Lady Judge enters or leaves the room, all Women stand up, while all male creatures kneel down.
  2. Lady Judge can only be addressed as Lady Judge or Your Excellence.
  3. When giving evidence, Women stand and male creatures kneel.
  4. When the court is in session, it is forbidden to talk aloud, walk, make audio or video recordings or show contempt of court without the permission of Lady Judge.
  5. Lady Judge can order persons removed from the courtroom for misconduct.
Sentences and their enforcement
  1. In most cases, the sentence consists of an obligation of public apology to the aggrieved Lady and a public physical punishment.
  2. Public physical sentences can have various forms-flogging, flagellation, caning, etc. In most cases, it is combined with position sentence and public naked abasement (pillorying, tying to a stake, etc.)
  3. Physical sentences are to be performed with maximum possible rigidity in a public place on the premises of the Queen's Palace.
  4. The form of sentence fully depends on the decision of Lady Judge, who has unlimited powers when pronouncing sentences.

Latest Information:
June 1, 2007

Accusations of slaves and male creatures can be sent at any time to:

(Civil Court)
P.O.Box 71
76302 Zlin 4
Czech Republic

Fax: +420 - 577 644 580