Bootcamp for slaves in the OWK
Not for the weak ! A full week's suffering, pain, drill and chastising !
When: July 16 - 22, 2007
Maximum number of slaves in training group: 7

Basic info:
A slave may register himself in a training camp or his Lady Owner may do it for him. The slave must, on the day of entering the camp, be at least 21 years old but no older than 45, free of health problems, and have experience in BSDM. The OWK guarantees slaves absolute confidentiality regarding their identity in front of other participants, and also guaranteed that no photographs or video will be shot throughout the course of the training camp. The purpose of the training camp for slaves in the OWK is through hard training, punishments and drill, to perfect the slave in the area of being humble when fulfilling orders. Another goal is the improvement of their physical condition, training in self-control, patience, knowledge of housework and outside chores, hardening and accepting punishments.

Upon arrival, slaves are assigned to a training group, which has at least two but not more than 5 members. Each training group will be led by one Lady Trainer. The slave is then led into the reception room, where all his personal things are taken from him, including clothing. Instead of a name he's given a number, and throughout the training cycle the slave will move about completely naked.

Slaves are fed three times a day from bowls or from boot heels. He'll receive dry bread and table scraps from his Lady Trainer. An exception to this situation is when the slave has to eat banned food as a punishment, or when he wins a complete dinner in the auction.

Auction for a dinner - each evening, the Lady Trainer shall hold an auction for her recruits for a dinner. The slave offering to withstand the greatest number of rounds from a predetermined training aid. After completion of the auction, he receives this number of strokes, and then he may look forward to the dinner he has won (schnitzel, steak, roast chicken, etc.). Other slaves must again remain satisfied with dry bread and possible leftovers from his Mistress.

Each slave is supposed to sleep there, where his Instructress orders him to sleep.
It could be a prison cell, a kennel, a cage or on the floor in front of Madame's apartment etc.
It is only up to the Instructress decission if the slave will be bound during the night or if he fortunately gets just a gag to his mouth.

Every slave undergoes two 1-hour training sessions each day for improving his physical condition. After the remainder of the day, the slaves fulfill the assigned tasks or undergo directed position punishments (kneeling on peas, hanging in the stocks, a stay in a small cage, etc.). Each afternoon, slaves are permitted rest, which they spend standing firmly at attention in front of the windows of the apartment of their Lady Trainer for as long as She sees fit.

Each day, every slave is required to receive an extra whipping from a short single tail whip, which isn't considered a punishment, but rather improves the slave's capability of taking pain.

Aside from this, each day a slave has designated a special position where he serves his Lady Trainer as a house or personal servant, whipping boy, transportation slave, live furniture or as a dog. Each training day moreover has its own specialization, as seen by their names:

Registration day
Caning day
Day of Whips
Sports day
Face-Slapping day
Testing day
Day for goodbyes

Any violation of the smallest importance, laziness or a mistake is strictly punished. The Lady Trainer has available an unlimited number of punishments, and the choice of punishment lies with her. The slave may get away with just a few slaps, or may receive slicing blows from a cane or spend several hours locked on the pillory.

Basics of behavior for slaves:

End of training:
Every slave has the right at any time to at his own request to stop training and leave the OWK. In this case, he shall not receive back any deposited money for training, nor even partial reimbursement.

Each slave shall sign a declaration prior to training that he is in the OWK at his own risk, and in the event of any damage to health, he will not require anything of his Lady Trainer or the OWK.

As one may see from the information above, there won't be many creatures who complete training. For those individuals who are most capable, lasting until the end, they may receive a certificate and graduation of the training camp in the OWK, which aside from others will contain a written evaluation created by his Lady Trainer. Every slave holding out till the finish may obtain this certificate, and he shall send a report of at least 1,000 words (in any language) about his stay. Owners of such a certificate will be given preferential treatment next time for all slave positions in the OWK (Celebrations, filming, personal slaves for Lady Guests, etc.), and moreover may ask from the OWK the issuance of a referral for a possible future Lady Owner.

Lady Trainers:

The training camp in July, 2007, will be lead by:

# #
Sublime Lady Blackcherry, Lady Citizen of the OWK

Sublime Lady Blackcherry is sadistic, unfeeling and uncaring, with plenty of experiences in the area of training and punishing male creatures. This guarantees that the slaves in Her training group will have their own true hell on earth !

This is just basic information. A detailed description of the training and punishment methods will not be provided ahead of time.

Further information and application in the member's area HERE

Bootcamp 2006 - comments from a Lady Trainer - Lady Blackcherry