OWK needs slaves for rent to Lady Visitors to the OWK !

(Rental isn't exactly the right word, since the OWK doesn't charge any fee to rent slaves and will not do so in the future - trade with humans is prohibited, but we'll keep the name anyway. In reality it's nothing more than matchmaking).

Many Ladies arrive during the year in the OWK without a slave, or one of Her own slaves isn't capable of satisfying all of Her requirements, wishes and whims. They therefore want to rent one or more slaves, and of course They would like to select and reserve the "goods" ahead of time.

For this purpose, here at the OWK we are preparing a publicly accessible catalog of slaves for rent to Ladies at , which are capable and willing to serve Lady Visitors in the OWK.

And not just in the OWK - there are many Ladies Who would like to rent a slave near where They live, or on a location They plan to visit. And definitely here will also be Ladies interested in slaves, who will accompany Them on trips as personal servants.

Every slave will state ahead of time in his application where and when he may serve and what practices may be employed.

The OWK carries no responsibility for what occurs in the relationship that we arrange for you. Those interested in the position of rental slave must fulfill these basic conditions:

Every slave will be presented on his own independent Web page (catalog card). Ladies Who rent him may located on this card their positive or negative references. Of course the more positive reference the slave obtains, his chances of being rented again increase.

The OWK does not guarantee in any case that the slave will be ordered by a Lady for rent during the period of his presentation in the catalog.

If the slave is ordered by Lady Visitors to the OWK, he is required to pay for costs related to his stay in the OWK (i.e. fee for slave visit and accommodation).

If you are one of those seriously interested in inclusion in the catalog of slaves for rental, you must now fill out and send in the online form.

The form is located in the Members Area of If you don't have an access password to the page, you can buy it HERE