ID number : 182
Name:Hemant R
State (country):India
Language skills:English; Hindi
The Lady may use him for the following purposes:
- torture; beatings; whipping; faceslapping; massage; licking; ponyboy; human dog; piss; bondage; live furniture; personal servant; sex slave; cleaning slave; working slave - painting, wall papering, gardening, etc.; chastising; public punishment; filming and photographing; driver; slave for accompaniment on trips;
Date of birth:1975-01-15
Height:190 cm
Color of skin:Tann
Color of hair:Black
Color of eyes:Black
Length of outstretched tongue:4.5inches
Length of erect penis:5 inches
Damage to skin (tattoos, marks, piercing, scars):
- None
May not be used for these purposes:
My special knowledge or skills that could benefit a Lady:
- Have experience of slavery and hence can serve the Lady Owner with due diligence.Hardworking in nature
It's possible to order me for rent with the exception of the following terms:
Aside from in the OWK, I am capable of serving in the following places:
- India
Health problems and limitations:
- None
My experience so far as a slave:
- i have experience as a slave in no of areas.I had experienced slavery underan US Mistress who had trained me in the following areas: Following are the areas to which i was exposed to: >Massaging >Toilet slavery >caning and floggering. >party spitoon >dog play >chain and rope bondage >CBT(light CBT) >feet slave(licking the feet and boot) >licking the vagina >Face sitting >light interrogation >armpit licking and cleaning >domestic slavery and party slave for humiliation Details are as follows: 1.Massage:Full body massage followed by helping Her bath.After bathing helping her dress and make up.Massaging was an activity which Mistress like very much. 2.Toilet slavery/Arse Licking i had an experience of toilet slavery as well. . 3..Humiliation: i was humiliated in a number of ways mentioned above.The best way was to make lick Her arse holewith my tongue. 4.Armpit Licking The other experiences includes licking body parts including the armpits.She used to like it specially the tickles. 5.One experience of mine which Mistress used to enjoy very much is the pussy worship. She used to keep me under Her table when she works and puts my head insde Her skirt and I am supposed to lick it for hours or maybe or minutes depending on Her mood. 6.Feet slavery: Feet slavery was another aspect.In this licking the whole feet inclusive of individual fingers when it is exposed and whenever she relaxes.i had to lick the whole shoes when she wears one .She also makes me polish Her boots and sandals.When im there I take care of Her feet sets.when she wants to clean up the first thing is I lick Her feet then I bring hot water and srub Her feet .Then after that I apply some lotion from boots company which removes the dead cells.Then I clean the entire leg once again.Then massage it and she has a good relaxation. 7Seat /Object: She sometimes sit on my back and watches the TV while I lick Her feet.She though 5.2 in ht was quite strong and my back used to pain.But if I move I have had it many times. 8.Dog Play: Dog play was another aspect .She used to take me outside in the farmhouse with leash in her hand an also playing the throw and catch game.Almost all the time of slavery I was collared and many a times leashed. 9.Scavenger: Eating the leftovers from the plate of Mistress and cleaning it was another slave act which was done by me. 10.Bondage: Bondage was another area.She had cuffs,ropes ,chains and padlock.She sometimes used to bind me so tightly that I have felt that I would die because of poor blood flow.But I think she was not a great expert in this area though she was good in basic bondage stuffs. 11.Whipping/Caning After bondage normally which follows are the canes,and whips.She used to put oil and then beat me.Marks dont surface easily but the pain is felt extremely.Yes thre were minor bleed cases and marks which I cured using honey and turmeric. 12Faceslapping/Spitoon/Kicking She really liked faceslapping and spitting on the face and inside the mouth.Kicking also accompanies whipping. 13.Cock and Ball Torture: Cock and Ball torture is another area which im exposed to.This was also to be very frank not in the aggressive stage but yes I would say in the mid level with my cock being tied up and kicked slowly.She was also concerned regarding any damage to the part..So she used to do the things carefully. 14Domestic chores: I also used to do domestic chores under the supervision of Mistress like cleaning the house,Her clothes.i was never involved in cooking which she had demanded to learn . 15.Furniture slavery is another area which im exposed to 16:She someetims used to tie me up in sacks and leave me there and use me as seat and as kicking tool Mistress if i tell you that i was a slave from birth You may not believe it.i was having this feeling right from the times i had a memory.i sometimes found it crazy.i used to masturbate thinking of being a slave to a Mistress.In the very early childhood i knew this and an excitement went thru me but i never knew what it was.i was excited seeing some school teachers.Then when i was in seventh std i started imagining myself wrapped in pastic covers etc and used to masturbate.That is the real age when i could connect it with sex.But i never knew that was sex because of lack of awareness of the same at that time.Then this continued and i thought i was crazy.i used to masturbate nearly daily thinking of some women dominating me, specially when i see some of them.i liked to see pictures in which men are being fought and defeated by women, in which men are tied up by women or tortured by women.i thought that i was really crazy and my wish would never stand true.i did yoga mind control etc to control thispassion.But there were some effects but i would say shortlived effects.i was doing management when i was 24 years of age.i was doing a project on alcoholism.i have hired a book from the library on alcoholism and when i opened i saw something in the index which interested me.i went through it and then i realised that it was called BDSM.That was the first time i realised the terminology of what i used to imagine.Then i went to the internet and typed BDSM....Oh God it was wonderful ... a world which was there but which i never knew..and then i found my US Mistress.She had left thecountry and i would be glad to be owned by anew Mistress.MIstress hope i would be owned by You someday or the ready to wait.Please ...i beg Mistress...Give a chance to me atleast once. The experiences above can be repeated again by Mistress if Mistress wishes to in real life.
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