The terms for individual events (FEM-DOM Weekends, Celebrations in June and Special Vacation Week in August) are listed here.
It is generally true that a slave must arrive at the OWK a day prior to the official commencement of the event, and leave in the evening of the last day of an event or the following day.

Basic Conditions
Working slaves
These are determined to perform all necessary work during the event . for example cleaning public areas, cleaning rooms of Lady guests, washing dishes and cars, help when serving in the pub or night club, cleaning boots for Ladies, pulling rickshaws, hoisting carriers, maintaining the pathways in the courtyard, maintaining the race track, etc.
The exact working order is determined on location based on current needs, and slaves are delegated to individual spots by a Lady Guard.
Specialized slaves
As opposed to working slaves, the specialized slave perform only one special task throughout the entire period of the event.

The OWK is interested in specialized slaves mainly for the following positions:

Handling slaves (valid for working and specialized slaves)
Every slave upon arrival is accepted by a Lady member of the Queen.s Guard. This acceptance includes confiscation of his personal affects, issuance of a number instead of a name, and provision of a welcome spanking.
Valuable items (documents, money, etc.) are kept in the safe in the OWK during the entire visit.
The slave may keep his underwear, socks, working boots, medicines, towel, soap and toothbrush.
The slave shall receive a special suit, shackles on legs and arms, a bowl, spoon and blanket. Each slave must have his own collar around his neck.
Normally, all slaves are housed in the unheated stables for slaves on hard wooden beds. Here they may use a common bathroom and sink, and they may consume food and beverages here. Once per day slaves are allowed to be showered . for this purpose there is a specifically designed shower in the Long House, and showering takes place under supervision of a Lady Guard.

For all slaves there is a strict ban on bringing in and using alcoholic beverages. A slave may only smoke after the explicit permission from one of the Lady Guard. Violation means immediate dismissal of the slave from the OWK grounds.

Morning exercises - all slaves must attend morning exercises each day under the leadership of a Lady Guard or any Ladies present who are interested. Only those slaves who cannot exercise and who have a note from a doctor do not need to attend. In such case, instead of exercise each morning, they shall be beaten. The laziest slave at the exercises is always punished after each session.

Feeding - slaves shall receive food three times per day, if the situation requires, then only twice. For breakfast, lunch and dinner, two chosen slaves go into the kitchen at a previously determined time. They shall bring in the food to the stables for the slaves, where they have 15 minutes to consume it . most likely under the supervision of a Lady Guard. For food, slaves shall receive dry bread, soup and possible scraps from the kitchen (boiled potato, rice, goulash juice, etc.).

Inclusion in work - each day the Lady Guard tells working slaves where they are to report to for the day.s work. Specialized slaves assume their position automatically based on their specialization.

Punishment - visits of working and specialized slaves may not replace individual training or an hour visit to a studio. Slaves are punished for being slow, lazy, incompetent and possible other sins (or for no reason at all) without regard to whether they like it or not.
The Lady Guard shall punish slaves based on what She likes . slaps, kicks, whipping, caning, locking him in the pillory, fitting him with a gag, sleep in the underground prison or in a small cage, work punishment or ban on food consummation. The slave may be spontaneously punished by any Ladies present, but any larger punishment must be agreed to prior by the Lady Guard.

Slave behavior - state slaves in the OWK are the absolute bottom of society, and they must act accordingly. They shall greet the Lady Guard each morning automatically by kissing Her boots, and kneel on both knees when a Lady Guard is present during the day, even if She is just passing by. The other Ladies present are greeted with a deep bow if She doesn.t allow them to kiss Her boots directly. If a Lady walks past a slave, the slave must stop the work he is doing and stay bowed until the Lady has gone on past. The slave must never look into a Lady's eyes. The slave may not speak to any Lady. All Ladies must be referred to by the slave as "Madam" , "Mistress" or otherwise according to the wishes of the Lady.

No slave may speak without permission, and may neither eat nor drink without permission from a Lady Guard. During the day, he may also not take care of bodily functions without permission from a Lady Guard.
The slave must take care to be prepared at a moment's notice, and that his clothing and boots are always clean and not smelly.

Other basic rules:
- state working and specialized slaves needn't pay any financial gifts or fees. They must however pay for accommodation in a lump sum, amounting to:

1250 DOM ( 1000 EUR or 1250 USD ) for working slaves
1875 DOM ( 1500 EUR or 1875 USD ) for specialized slaves

(amount is paid in full for the entire stay).

State slaves who are the subjects to the Queen of the OWK have a discount on their accommodation in the amount of 50%.

If a slave needs to obtain transportation to and from the airport, he just pay the price listed on the official pricelist HERE.

All slaves must pay in the full amount ahead of time for accommodation and for possible transportation. If for any reason they don.t arrive on time or if they leave the OWK prematurely, nothing will be returned or recalculated. Methods of payment are located HERE

On-line application form

(found at the Members area, where you'll need to have a password. If you still don't have a password, you may purchase one HERE )

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