* Founding Principles

The Other World Kingdom (OWK) is a private state, founded upon the principle of a slave-holding Matriarchal monarchy.

The present Ruler - Queen Patricia I. - founded the OWK on June 1, 1996.

The OWK is governed on the basic principle that the WOMAN is always, everywhere and in everything superior to the male creature.

A WOMAN in the OWK has the undeniable right to own and use slaves. The OWK is a nation without borders and may extend its reaches to anywhere on Earth.

The capital city of the OWK and seat of the Queen is the Area of the Queen's Palace in the Black City in the Czech Republic (Europe).

The OWK as a true state is governed by its own Laws and Regulations, and has its own currency , passports, police force, courts , State Flag and State Hymn.

* Social Classes and Political Structure of the OWK

The OWK is managed under a single and unlimited Ruler - the Queen.


She issues and amends Laws and all other legal norms, and rules over the OWK by means of the Office of the Supreme Administrator, The Queen's Court and The Queen's Guard.

The ruling and superior social class in the OWK is the Nobility, formed by Sublime Ladies - free Lady Citizens of the OWK from around the world. Selected Sublime Ladies are named by the Queen into State and Court Functions and/or may be named into the function of Official Lady Ambassador or Representative of the OWK in Her own country. Sublime Ladies may propose new laws and actively take part in the happenings in the OWK. Their main task however is to spread the idea of an Absolute Matriarchy and practical enslavement of male creatures.

The Queen's subjects form a subordinate social class in the OWK. These are male creatures that have voluntarily decided to live their life according to the principles and laws of the OWK and recognize the Queen of the OWK as their Supreme Ruler. These creatures have partially maintained certain freedoms such as the freedom to travel, own property and deal with such property, have children, change employment, enterprise and state his opinion. Subjects must however pay taxes to the Queen, must abide by Her laws and decrees and mainly respect the fact that he is a member of a group of creatures subordinate to all Women.

The lowest social class, on the level of a normal farm animal, is made up of slaves. These creatures have forfeited all rights and freedoms and are the private property of their Lady Owners. Slaves are recognized as being state (in proprietorship of the Queen) or personal (private property of the Ladies).

* Goal of OWK

The goal of the OWK is to get as many male creatures under the unlimited rule of Superior Women on as much territory as possible. Gradual realization of this goal in its final consequence will mean the introduction of an Absolute Matriarchy - the only righteous social order.