(valid wording of the amendment to the law of October 8, 2002)

This Law defines OWK Citizenship, establishes the manner of attaining and losing OWK Citizenship and states the rights and responsibilities of a Lady Citizen of the OWK.

Lady Citizen
  • Only a Lady Who fulfills the conditions in §3 of this law may become a Lady Citizen.
  • A Lady Citizen isn't a subject to the OWK and does not have any responsibilities aside from maintaining the founding principle of Female Superiority over male creatures and upholding the Laws of the OWK.
  • A Lady Citizen is authorized to indulge in all the advantages and rights provided by the OWK and to actively take part in its public and political life.

Conditions for granting Citizenship
  • The Queen of the OWK bestows Citizenship to adult Lady Candidates Who submit a form to the Office of the Supreme Administrator, in their own hand, requesting Citizenship.
  • This request must contain:
    • a brief reasoning why the Lady wants to become a candidate for becoming a Lady Citizen of the OWK
    • a declaration of adulthood
    • a declaration of owning at least one slave of the male sex, properly registered in the International Slaves Registry held in the OWK (according to the Decree 5B/2001 governing International Slaves Registry - ISR)
    • a declaration that the Lady Candidate is full time dominant towards male creatures
    • two facial photographs (passport size)
  • Prior to actually bestowing state Citizenship the Lady Candidate must spend at least 5 nights in the Area of the Queen's Palace.
  • The Lady Candidate for Citizenship must have at least basic knowledge of the activities of the OWK and of OWK legislation, which may be randomly verified by the Queen prior to granting of Citizenship.

Granting of Citizenship
  • Citizenship is granting publicly by the Queen of the OWK during the June or September Celebrations in the OWK.
  • Citizenship is granting in the form of a Written Decree and presentation of a Passport.
  • The Lady Candidate for Citizenship must be present personally to receive Her Citizenship.

Expiration of Citizenship
OWK Citizenship may expire in two ways:
  • Written request of the Lady Citizen addressed to the Queen of the OWK.
  • The Queen may rescind Citizenship if the Lady Citizen commits a serious violation of the principle of Female Superiority, or if the Lady Citizen causes any detriment to the name of the OWK.

Rights of Lady Citizens
Every Lady Citizen has the right to:
  • create Her own Coat of Arms to be displayed in Throne Hall in the Queen's Palace
  • enter the OWK at any time without an entrance visa
  • ask for protection and help from the OWK at all times
  • use the title ¿Sublime Lady¿ in addition to her personal title.
  • receive and use Noble Titles according to pertinent Lawful Standards
  • take advantage of discounts for accommodation within the territory of the OWK
  • conduct business within the territory of the OWK according to pertinent Lawful Standards
  • own an OWK passport
  • be considered to be a Being superior to male creatures
  • enjoy personal immunity from punishment crimes committed with the exception of violations of the provisions of the Founding Charter
  • own, buy and sell slaves
  • submit proposals for amendments and additions to the Lawful Standards
  • seek a state office or position

Honorable Citizenship
  • The Queen may grant Honorable Citizenship in the OWK to Women, who in some meaningful measure have contributed to the development of the OWK and evolution of the Matriarch in general.
  • An Honorable Lady Citizen has the same rights as a Lady Citizen.
  • Moreover the Honorable Lady Citizen gains the Noble Title of Baroness of the OWK.

In Black City on August 15, 2001
Her Royal Majesty
Patricia I.
Queen of the OWK