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Introductory Provisions
  • The International Registry of Slaves (hereafter "IRS") is an institution subordinate to the Office of the Supreme Administrator of the OWK.
  • The basic activities of the IRS lie in international documentation of slaves in the ownership of Lady Slave Owners, with details to be listed in the Slave Ownership Deed (SOD) for Lady Slave Owners.
  • The purpose of the IRS is to create and maintain an international documentation archive of slaves who are in the legal ownership of Lady Slave Owners, this archive to be binding and open to public access.
  • The IRS is the only institution that the Courts of the OWK will recognize and use in the event of conflicts of ownership, sale, purchase and other matters concerning slaves.
  • A slave that is not registered in the IRS will not be recognized by the OWK as being the legal personal property of a Lady Owner.
  • The Directress stands at the head of and will administrate the IRS, named and recalled only by the Queen of the OWK.
    If the Directress is not named, the First Hoffmistress of the Queen's Palace will take over this function.

Basic Terms
  • Slave Ownership Deed (SOD)
    • Every Lady Owner (pursuant to 3 Law no. 3) will receive a personal Slave Ownership Deed (SOD) immediately upon registration of Her first slave.
    • On this Slave Ownership Deed (SOD), a current list of all slaves and their ownership shall be maintained, including indication of possible real burdens on individual slaves (rent, right of lien, etc.).
    • The Slave Ownership Deed (SOD) is a publicly accessible document published on the official OWK Web Site - www.owk.cz
  • Slave Registration Number (SRN)
    • The IRS will issue a registration number to each slave registered for the first time.
    • This slave registration number (SRN) will not change and will remain the same even if the slave is sold, traded, gifted, or transferred to the Estate of a different Lady Owner.
    • Data on slaves registered with the IRS is publicly accessible on the official OWK Web Site - www.owk.cz
  • Slave Black List
    • The Slave Black List is a publicly accessible information database maintained by the IRS containing data on escaped slaves, on wanna-be slaves that did not fulfill their obligations, or slaves who unilaterally gave up their slave status, on slaves that have caused damage to their Lady Owners, financially or otherwise, and on slaves that refuse to accept any sentence of punishment upon themselves as decreed by the Civil Court of the OWK for any proven crime to or against a Lady Owner.
    • Anyone may send notification of the existence and of the criminal activities of such creatures to the IRS through an electronic form located on the official OWK Web Site - www.owk.cz

Slave Registration
  • Registering a slave in the IRS is a voluntary act performed by his Lady Owner.
  • The consent of the slave is not required with regards to his being registered with the IRS.

Responsibility of Registering a New Slave on your Slave Ownership Deed
  • A Lady Slave Owner Who has a Slave Ownership Deed (SOD) maintained at the IRS is required to register within 10 days each new slave that She has assumed ownership of . This is required only when, and if, the slave has a registration number given to him by the IRS.
  • Registration of new slaves, which are not yet registered at the IRS, is voluntary.
  • The Lady Slave Owner is required to notify the IRS within 10 days of the sale, dismissal, donation, long-term rent, creation of right of lien, any other real burden or the death of a registered slave.
  • The Lady Slave Owner is required to notify the IRS within 2 days of an escaped slave or of any slave that unilaterally relinquishes his slave status for any reason. This fact will immediately be listed in the Slave Black List.

Request for Registration of a new slave on a Slave Ownership Deed
Each request for registration of a new slave or any change on a Slave Ownership Deed must be sent to the IRS.
  • By E-mail, on a form which can be located on the official OWK Web Site, www.owk.cz
  • Or, in writing to the IRS postal address.

Confirmation of Registration on a Slave Ownership Deed
  • Every registration made on a Slave Ownership Deed will be confirmed for the Lady Slave Owner by E-mail.
  • It is possible at the request of the Lady Slave Owner for Her to be sent confirmation in writing. This request must be included in the initial request for registration along with the address that it is to be sent to. This method however is subject to a fee pursuant to Law no. 6.

Record of the Slave Ownership Deed (SOD)
  • On the basis of a request by the Lady Slave Owner, the IRS will also prepare a written copy of Her Slave Ownership Deed (SOD), affixed with the seal and signature of a responsible individual.
  • Preparation of a written copy of the Slave Ownership Deed (SOD) is subject to a fee pursuant to Law no. 6.
  • Only a written copy of the Slave Ownership Deed (SOD) is a legitimate and acceptable document for the Offices and Courts of the OWK where it is necessary to prove ownership of a slave, and for any other disputes concerning slaves in personal ownership

Protection of Personal Data
  • Publicly accessible IRS records do not contain any confidential and identifying data of Lady Slave Owners or of slaves. This only applies if, upon registration of a new slave or creation of a Slave Ownership Deed (SOD), the Lady Slave Owner makes known that it is Her desire not to have such information publicized.
  • The IRS will not provide anyone with personal or other data about Lady Slave Owners and their registered property aside from such data that is publicly accessible on the IRS Web Page listings.
  • The only exception to b) (above) is by way of an appeal to a Lady Judge of the State Court of the OWK.

Fees for Services Provided by the IRS
  • All normal acts performed by the IRS are free.
  • The cost of any services rendered over and above all normal acts performed by the IRS are explicitly stated in Law no. 6.

Closing Provisions
  • This Regulation becomes valid upon the date of it being signed.
  • This Regulation takes effect on the date of its publication on the official Internet page of the OWK.

In Black City on September 25, 2001
Her Royal Majesty
Patricia I.
Queen of the OWK
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