Mistress Roug'e


Amazonian Mistress Roug'e resides in Birmingham, United Kindgom. A 6 foot 4, leather clad strict, but sensual sadistic Mistress, having my very own wonderfully equipped studio in Central England.I have an abundance of leatherwear, aswell as leather & latex bondage items, and I have some very unique and creative furniture, also many implements of to delicious torture. I enjoy role-play also, aswell as masochists, fetishists, submissives and BDSM players.

Leather Fetish, Latex Fetish, Restrictive Rubber & Leather Mummification, Breathplay, Bi-Slave, Strap-On, Sensory Play, Electro Torture, Whipping, Corporal Punishment/Caning, Medical : Enema, Needles, Sounds, Probes, Extreme Nipple Torture.

Hard Play:
The disciplinary session can be in the form of a roleplay scenario and Mistress Roug'e is very adept at playing your chosen disciplinarian. Characters can include, Aunty, Lady Boss or other authority figure. Discipline: Mistress Roug'e is a very skilful and enthusiastic disciplinarian; it is an activity she really enjoys. Disciplinary scenarios range from mild to severe and are always conducted in a safe and structured way. She is extremely accurate with all of her implements including a selection of canes, straps, tawse, bullwhips and single tails whips. With her many years experience Mistress Roug'e knows exactly how and where to inflict pain for maximum effect. No part of your body is safe from cruel ministrations. Her tortures are not all about physical sensations; she will torture your mind as well. The level of torture you can experience varies from mild to severe.

Softer Play:
Tied & teased and will make you beg and scream for your eventual release, though only once she has achieved total control of your being. You may desire to worship Mistress Roug'e feet, shoes or boots. She has a large range of footwear and likes nothing more than watching you grovel at her feet, whilst trying to achieve her exacting standards. Mistress Roug'e is an expert at anal and strapon training. She loves to reduce masculine virgins to quivering sluts or simpering sissies, whether they are willing or unwilling.

Humiliation Play:
Mistress Roug'e humiliates her subs in a variety of ways both physically and verbally. She can reduce her subs to worm like status with just a few well chosen words. Physical humiliations can include spitting to receiving golden showers or other watersports. She may publicly humiliate you or make you endure an enforced bi session whilst she teases and taunts you. If you are lucky, she may even spit roast you. Human ashtray is also available.

Novice's & Beginners:
Mistress Roug'e is the ideal teacher for those who have little or no experience in Female Domination. Her patience and understanding,allow newcomers to express their fantasies and help them identify their needs prior to the commencement of their journey into her world of submission. The more experienced can expect their fantasies not only met but exceeded, their deeply held dreams realized. So be careful what you ask her for, as it will happen! Mistress Roug'e is a responsible Mistress,who takes her role very seriously. She does not use safe words,but her experience allows her to know when you have reached your threshold and she will never go beyond what you can endure. This gives your session a real edge and realism; you are truly submitting to Mistress Roug'e. This aspect is often lost by the untimely use of a safe word.



since December 2008