Her Majesty Patricia I., Queen of the OWK,
declares by this act a fund raising effort to gather
financial contributions and means to urgently repair
the roof and outside wall plastering
of the OWK Castle's Tower!


As a result of poor and negligent reconstruction of the tower roof in 1995, and due to gradual water penetration and leakage, the main supporting beam has been devastated. Thanks to this severe damage to the joists, the iron cross atop has become loose, and many of the original wooden shingles were damaged causing further water leakage into the walls, beams and floors.


Necessary and urgent roof repair!

(phase I)

Current damage is very serious and requires fast and urgent repair, at latest during late summer / fall 2017. It is necessary to replace: damaged beams, the reconstruction of the tower, new roofing on the tower (handmade wooden shingles), and partial replacement of gutters, new lightning rod and a new original cross grip. Construction of the Queen's Palace dates back to 1580 and as a result is a cultural and historical monument. It is imperative that original building materials must be preserved.

It is necessary to prevent further deterioration of this situation, because in its current condition there is a serious threat of the entire roof beam collapsing. The deteriorated condition of the tower, which includes an apartment with dungeon, library, castle's kitchen and the Queen's bedroom, poses a serious risk at the moment.

Necessary repair of the outside wall plastering!

(phase II)

Because these improvements and reconstruction will require scaffolding, it is our plan to also re-plaster the outside walls. This is due to long term weather degradation. Even though the plastering project is not as immediate as the reconstruction of the tower, it is unavoidable and should take place concurrently to the tower reconstruction because of the presence of scaffolding. The overall two projects will result in a cost savings because they will be done at the same time. As a result, we will be able to make an additional investment into basic repair and maintenance of windows and gutters.


Reconstruction costs

Phase I. - Roof - 13.000 US$

Phase II. - Wall plastering - 11.000 US$

Her Majesty Patricia I., the Empress of the Womania Empire and Queen of the OWK is therefore asking all OWK followers and fans for a financial contribution (donation), intended exclusively for the roof and outside wall reconstruction of the Tower.

Donations can be made not only by the endless number of slaves, servants or submissive visitors, who in the last 19 years have stayed in the OWK Area, but also by "remote" supporters and fans of the OWK.

Each donation has its value - even a small gift has its price and every dollar or euro helps!

If you decide to help with the costs for necessary repairs, we would welcome your donation:

(bank wire is possible too – ask for our account - send an email to Madame Gabrielle: owk@owk.cz)

  • Each donor will receive an official accepting confirmation of the donation from the Office of the OWK First Hoffmistress.
  • Donors with amounts over 50 € (55 $) can ask for a special confirmation by standard post - this confirmation (Donor Certificate) will be made on official OWK stationery with state sign and handwritten signature of Patricia I.
  • Donors with amounts over 100 € (110 $) will have this confirmation (Donor Certificate) with handwritten signature and will provided with original state seal.
  • Donors with amounts over 500 € (550 $) will be invited to the OWK, to be given the Donor Certificate personally by Her Majesty Patricia I., who can review the repaired Tower. Estimated competition date is fall 2017. If the donors cannot attend this event for any reason, the Certificate will be sent by post.

The only condition of commencing the complete reconstruction
of the Tower at the OWK castle
is collecting donations of at least 13.000 US$ till March 31, 2017
If the target amount is not reached, any donations received
will be used exclusively to fund the most urgent repairs of the Castle.

Update - March 30, 2017:
Based on the decision of the Queen Patricia I. will be this financial collection ended only
after collecting the entire amount !

All questions and information: owk@owk.cz

Thank you for your support !


Current status of the public collection (June 20, 2017)

Phase I. - Roof - 13.000 US$

Phase II. - Wall plastering - 11.000 US$

Collected so far (continuously updated):

06/20/2017 - 19 134 US$


Mistress Petrana, Czech Republic

Mistress Octavia, Australia

Mistress SinPiedad, Spain

Lady Laura A., USA

Madame Gabrielle (OWK)

Alan A., USA

Allan N., Denmark

Andrea B., Italy

Andy W, UK

Arnoud B.

Dan H., Norway

Daniel, Argentina

Darren, UK

dog médor od Goddess Ezada, FR

Erik, Sweden


Eugene K.

Fabrizio S., Switzerland

Frank R., Germany

George S., USA

Gilbert L., Switzerland

Gionny G. , Italy

Günther F., Germany

Herb P., USA (web-servant 0202)

Herve G.

Charles C, UK

Christian S., Switzerland

Ian, France

servant jenda, Norway

Jimmy (webservant 0161)

Joel C., UK

Johan V.

Johan V., Belgium

Kenneth, UK

krtek, UK

Marc R., UK

Mark, UK

Markus B., Germany

Max, USA

Miguel K., Czech republic

Nathan J., France

Niall, UK

Nicholas, UK

Osmo S, Finland

Pablo M., Spain

Pasquale, USA

Pietro R., Italy

Ricardo M., Spain

Richard G., Switzerland

Ronald M.

Roy, USA

Runar, Norway

Samuel A., Switzerland

Samuel, USA (web-servant 0201)

Sascha, The Netherlands

slave "e" - Sweden

slave "u", Germany

slave bazz, India

slave eddy, Spain

slave edmund, USA

slave francoise B.

slave greaseball, France

slave chrissy, Sweden

slave Magne, Norway

slave Mans

slave marco, Italy

slave MG203, France

slave mitcho, USA

slave nerd, UK

slave osel, UK

slave paul x

slave sam, India

slave yazan

slavepig v, France

Stuart T., USA

Ton, NL

Vincent C, France


webservant 0193

Willems, Belgium

Yasas, Australia

(bank wire is possible too – ask for our account - send an email to Madame Gabrielle: owk@owk.cz)